A Beautiful Machine

Client: A Beautiful Machine
Role: Design / Screen Print

This was shown amongst some 50 exhibiting artists as part of the 'A Beautiful Machine' event in Bristol. All artwork was auctioned, proceeds going to the Haiti Earthquake appeal.

1st colour / deep blue shade black. This makes up the entire background of the image, and has a crisp bitmap knocked out of the rider and other details, giving the print a certain photo-realism.

2nd colour / translucent blue. We've made sure that this screen covers areas of both white paper and black print, which gives the affect of different shades. Also we've given ourselves some tight reg by knocking the bitmap of the rider out of corresponding black and blue layers. Ouch. We extended this blue by about 35% to give the desired tones.

3rd colour / translucent yellow. The yellow works much as the blue, but prints directly over the top, crossing the white of the paper, the black print and the blue print in the process. Overlay delight.

4th colour / varnish layer. Had to get the White Duck logo in there somewhere, so used the varnish layer to sneak it in. Also brought some fat strokes in from the corners and perfectly overlayed the A Beautiful Machine type to give it body on the paper. Perfect finishing touch, especially when looked at from the right angle.

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